Wilkes-Barre A3P Exposes the Racism and Hypocrisy of the NAACP

The NAACP is trying to force its racist views upon a school district,” reported Steve Smith, the Pennsylvania state chairman for the American Third Position, who, along with other A3P activists, attended a meeting hosted by the Wilkes-Barre chapter of the NAACP on Saturday, October 16th.

The A3P activists in the region came together in force to monitor and report on the true nature of the meeting, which was designed to instigate the nonwhites in the region to intimidate the local school officials into hiring individuals based solely upon the color of their skin as opposed to their qualifications,” Mr. Smith said.

We also wanted to express our party’s point of view and the concerns of the people we represent.

The Wilkes-Barre chapter of the NAACP, currently under the leadership of Ron Felton, has been entrenched in a campaign to reduce the number of white teachers in the school district while raising the number of black teachers.

Mr. Felton made the claim that there are nonwhite teachers available for hire, but when confronted by the A3P activists, was unwilling to address the question as to whether or not any have actually applied for the very limited number of open teaching positions that are available in the district.

Robert McLeod, a member of the NAACP and certified teacher, who formerly taught in the district, expressed his feelings on the matter by stating that all children should be taught by teachers that look like them and that the district was unwilling to embrace this thought; using the fact that he has not been automatically rehired as ‘evidence’ of discrimination.

An activist from the A3P then said,’Yes, of course they do, and so do the white students; they all deserve to be educated by people they can relate to, but it is racist to hire people based solely on their race and not on their qualifications.’

She continued, ‘How many blacks have actually applied for teaching positions in the district and, if any have, how many are actually qualified for the positions?  And are there any positions available?’

As expected, there were no responses to such questioning.

Another A3P activist confronted the panel regarding their hypocrisy in forcing on white children what they complain about in regard to nonwhites, saying, ‘That is blatant hypocrisy and racism. It is also a tremendous waste of money to try and hunt down nonwhite teachers nationwide in order to “diversify” when the money can be better spent ensuring the students actually get a proper education.’”

Mr. Smith then pointed out, “The definition of diversity presented by the NAACP is simply to make things less white, regardless of the quality of education that would result.”

Mr. Smith went on to reiterate a key point of the party’s platform with regard to education: “The A3P believes in freedom for all people. We recognize that every community has an inalienable right to determine what enters the minds of its children, and teachers should be appointed based upon qualifications and not upon politically motivated and racist policies.”

“This issue will continue to be pushed by Ron Felton and the Wilkes-Barre chapter of the NAACP,” Mr. Smith continued, “and the A3P of Pennsylvania will be there to challenge and defend the rights and political needs of whites in the region.”

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  1. JamesinUSA says:

    The efforts of the NAACP just gives more emphasis to the definition of 'Diversity' as being,"as least whites as possible!"

  2. bwcoc says:

    Good work guys!

  3. American3P says:

    Very inspiring to see our activists confront them head on.

  4. James says:

    Awesome! Sounds like you guys did an excellent job representing A3P.

  5. Robert Jones says:

    Way to go Steve and crew. If only the A3P had a thousand or so more of your caliber nothing could stop us. Our despicable opponents are aware of this truth as well and so they fear the continued growth of the A3P.