Chairman’s Message: Trip to Brazil an Eye-Opener

This week, my wife, two of my daughters, and I were in Brazil to pick up one of our sons from his church mission.  He was stationed for two years in Porto Alegre, Brazil an area heavily settled and influenced by Germans (or so I was told before I went).

Porto Alegre is a large city of several million people.  The racial population of that city is decidedly mixed. While many whites live in the city, most of the population is a pastiche typical of modern-day Brazil. The majority of people who consider themselves white look more like Arabs but for their western dress and dyed hair. The streets were somewhat dirty and every property, whether it was a grand house, a hovel, or a church, was protected by fences with sharp points or barbs. My son said that muggings and robberies were common occurrences in Brazil.

In the course of our eight days in southern Brazil, we visited a number of smaller, outlying towns. Two of them were remarkable: Gramado and Sao Lourenco de Sul. Both of these cities were predominantly German in architecture and racial makeup. Many of the children and young women were Nordic and breathtakingly beautiful. The streets were clean and there were no barbed fences surrounding the properties. Even the garbage men and many of the sales clerks were Nordic. In these cities too, however, the bane of multiculturalism was ever present. The next generation of white Brazilians seem to have little racial consciousness.

In the airports, I noticed that all men who dressed in business attire looked Italian, Iberian, or Germanic. These racial groups seemed to run the country. Also, I watched a polo match. What a grueling, difficult sport it is! Racing around a polo pitch the size of eight football fields on galloping steeds at breakneck speeds while jockeying for position and hitting a small ball with a long, wooden mallet was harrowing to watch and much more so to play. The polo players appeared predominately wealthy and Nordic.Their grooms were blacks or natives.

While in Brazil, we were routinely treated with respect and were well received. That my son had become fluent in Portuguese made our trip that much more enjoyable. The conclusion I came to is that there is hope for Brazil and Western peoples, but America must lead the way to awaken our people to the importance of our heritage. The time is ripe for change. Once we reestablish that our views are just, and multiculturalism is, in fact, nihilism in disguise, then the floodgates of racial consciousness will open and the tides of public opinion will wash in a new era of hope and progress. We will then turn away from the dysgenics of the last one hundred years.

In the ensuing months, I intend to send leaders around the country to formalize our local groups and prepare for the great calling that lies ahead for each of us. Please be prepared to step up and participate in this great work.

Best personal regards,

William D. Johnson

Chairman, A3P

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  1. Mike Wolf says:

    Very inspirational

  2. ehunt says:

    Brazil is indeed what the USA will look like in 50 years. Whites living in gated communities
    surrounded by a vast sea of crime ridden, violent favela type slums. The USA will have
    lost all of its intellectual and technological energy and life will be much like it is
    in the rest of the Third World, a torpid, squalid place ruled by an elite class that panders
    to, and mercilessly exploits a low IQ herd, which it keeps numb by popular entertainment,
    sports spectacles, and political trickery…hmmmm arent we half way there already?

  3. Hello8814 says:

    You have just described the same characteristic in most "Latin" American countries. They are the exemplification of what will happen to the U.S. before long. White will slowly climb the financial ladder, eventually being an almost ridiculous numerical minority, but will hold the government and its institutions hostile. A natural aristocracy of race then becomes an everyday common thing, and the mongrelized majority look upon them with a mixture of envy, awe, and resentment. These Whites then begin to live a life of somewhat affluence but enveloped in almost jail like paranoia and overzealous obsession with security and segregation. This eventually disappears when their children begin to be harassed for being White (i.e. rich) and thus begins the final melting of said class until their children, being mongrelized themselves, lose the ability, skill, and status to hold power and affluence. In the end, Haiti becomes a generalized reality for all nations that partake of this horrible experiment. A world of sickness, poverty, ignorance, decadence, and savagery.

  4. octoberfreedom says:

    The A3P must launch a campaign on all fronts, take the enemy on and not fear being ridiculed . This however can be done in a smart and patient way.

    Our people are not to be driven to extinction because the "here and now" types living today aren't fighting back. Our race does not belong to anyone else but ourselves. No other people (or even a powerful minority of whites) have a right to help in the process of tearing down our race, destroying our race, so that they can live out their multi-cultural fantasy, a fantasy without whites.

    I believe an honest majority of whites will accept the A3P's message, because it's a message of what is right, and what is in their conscious. Only a deceitful coward and a brainwashed white would accept their rights and their people's right to exist – be given up or not defended. And, what all for? For nothing more than our extermination?

    As for race-mixing in Brazil, there is no way whites or any other race benefits from race mixing (it's an extensive long process of genocide). We live in a world where the biggest genocide is not in Bosnia or Rwanda, but in Brazil and now in America where race mixing is no different than extermination.

    Further more, this is not race mixing where two partners from two very different backgrounds find each other. Much of this is race mixing that is forced and encouraged, forced through schools, media, new cultural perceptions, politics, forced integration, and so on. It's no different than a sterilization campaign done by Slovak Communist on the Roma population, it was encouraged by society, government, etc, and many Roma willingly sterilized themselves because it was seen as normal (not knowing it was a genocidal campaign to destroy the Roma population).

    Back on topic. The A3P's message is ethno-positive for whites, only a minority and self-defeating coward who would pocket power in the Democrat/Republican/Corporate spheres would call your party evil, which is axiomatically what they've always done, so give it your best shot and be positive and true. You'll be pleasantly surprised that your thoughts are the thoughts of many Americans. For, far too long, we've all been slaves of the powerful and influential who have never had an interest in letting us (whites) be who we are, and who we are suppose to be, white – and therefore ourselves being identified with our people, tribe, and interest.

  5. Victoria says:

    "Both of these cities were predominantly German — in architecture and racial makeup. Many of the children and young women were Nordic and breathtakingly beautiful. The streets were clean and there were no barbed fences surrounding the properties. Even the garbage men and many of the sales clerks were Nordic."

    There may be hope for these two towns, because they do not rely on nonwhite labor. Whites, including Americans, have a tendency to rely on nonwhites to do our dirty work and hard labor, and it inevitably leads to our downfall.

    We must be self sufficient in order to preserve our ethnic group. That means building our own houses, scrubbing our own toilets, grooming our own horses, collecting our own garbage.

    Relying on nonwhites to keep us in our first-world lifestyle means that we are dependent on them, and at their mercy if they decide to unionize, etc.; it means that we will inevitably be outnumbered by them in our own lands, since they breed faster than we do; and it means many of our people will eventually mix with them.

    Living in a homogenous society is our best defense. Not having cheap nonwhite labor to exploit may mean a slightly less cushy lifestyle, but it means the survival of our folk. The choice is obvious.

  6. Amy Aremia says:

    I would like to see the Americ3Party grow, as it seems to be on the right road to save the future of the past given to us by the founding fathers and being destroyed to the status of a third world nation in order to merge the once greatest, most freest, prosperous nation that ever existed to merge whith the NWO by a few elite.The people grew lax in keeping vigil over their once Constitutional REPUBLIC form of goverrnment.. IT will take each Congressional district to form a concerted effort to find, and elect to Congress a truly American Constitutionalist, and I hope the A3P will be able to do just that-even if it takes working wiith your local parties. We all have a common enemy that has inflitrated, divided and is destroying our Constsitution, we need to now join together to push out the foreign forces controlling our elections, and who would know better those evil forces except the local people..

  7. JamesinUSA says:

    If we do nothing, whites will become a minority in this country, and yet will still be considered a privileged class because of our race thus despised by the rest of the population. If people think our persecution is bad now, can one imagine how much worse it will become once we reach minority status? I can! And it's for that reason why we much change current demographic trends before it's too late.

  8. ZFect says:

    Race mixing and mongrelization is genocide.
    It affects our kindred and civilization in detrimental ways. Whenever I tell someone this they can't help but to agree becuase its true. Race mixing fundamentally involves extermination of our kind. Its a sneaky form of genocide. If anyone thinks that its ok, then they are brainwashed to evil proportions becuase its no differant than extermination, they are the racists! Its great to see fellow whites dicussing matters such as these. Quoting what octoberfreedom said, "Our race does not belong to anyone else but ourselves" is a great way to put it. We together have full power to deny extermination such as this and we are denying it here!
    There are some whites who may be afraid of being called racist, but when you tell them that miscegenation is indeed genocide which IS racism, it becomes clear that if they don't comprehand ( and be proud ) being a member of the white race and sticking to it, then that is whats truly racist.

  9. Maria O'Connor says:

    Hello! Third position was the name of the peronist party of Argentina. I am an argentinean of irish descend in both sides. Latin America is composed of different countries, with different culture and different ethnic composition. The southern cone of South America is very different from the rest due to climate difference, culture differences and ethnic composition.

    Argentina is the “whitest” of all. However, race relations in Southern South America were different from USA and from the other Latin Am countries since the beginning. During the 1700′s 1800′s european emigrant men merry legally their own kind, but worked in the fields where they have a common low marriage with an indian (sometimes depending on the country maybe a black). This lasted until the 1900′ Organized emigration started (late 1800′s) with the system of “transplanted” european populations. This meant a whole village with the exception of the upper crust emigrated and they were granted land in the unpopulated wilderness. Usually they came from Swizerland, Germany, Wales and Ireland. After IWW and secon ww another wave of emigrants came to Southern South

    America and they remained in the city. Some people emigrated with their family and also single men. The children of the ones that came with their family usually married their own kind and the ones that came single usually married the mixed population. So, in Southern South America you find full blood whites, but almost no full blood indian or black. Most mixed population live in big cities and white in small cities, but white have an apartment in the big cities for business transaction. There are not ethnic problems, most problems are related to class ($) and not to color.

    I wrote a comment that was not published.

  10. donny says:

    I am a new member. Southern Brazil is said to be predominately white.