NY State Office for Technology Celebrates Recordbreaking Level of anti-White Discrimination

The New York State Office for Technology (OFT) is celebrating its success in reaching a new level of anti-white discrimination, with procurement awards from state agencies to “minority and women’s business enterprises” (MWBE’s)  jumping from 1% in 2007 to 20%  in 2010.

The jump is no coincidence, however, as it follows a well-orchestrated campaign against white-owned business by the state, where prime contractors are required to abandon their relationships with white-owned enterprises until a “level playing field” is reached. According to New York State, this figure is 20%, for now.

The agency also uses taxpayer monies to influence big business, where those businesses who voluntarily discriminate against whites in favor of MWBE’s remain in good standing with the state government. In compliance with the state, Dell, Deloitte, EMC2, Hewlett Packard, IBM, Microsoft, nfrastructure technologies, Oracle, Tandberg, Unisys, and Xerox have all cut ties with white businesses in pursuit of awarding contracts to MWBE’s. They maintain their business relationship with New York State.

The OFT further requires all of its managers to undergo indoctrination and diversity orientation programs that teach managers the value of discriminating against white-owned businesses.

The justification for the taxpayer-sponsored campaign of discrimination against white business is contained in a 468-page research paper written for the NY Department of Economic Development by  NERA consulting company.

The paper cites anecdotal evidence and statistical analysis of anecdotal evidence as proof that “these outcomes [the disparity between the success of minority and white-owned businesses] are the result of discrimination”:

“Minority-owned firms were particularly likely to report that they did not apply for a loan over the preceding three years because they feared the loan would be denied.”

“A greater share of minority-owned firms believes that the availability of credit is the most important issue likely to confront the firm in the next 12 months.”

“More troubling than the extent to which whites are already discriminated against is the fact that this drive to punish whites is based on perceived discrimination”, said Henry Whitman, an A3P officer based in New York.

“We have little control over how we are perceived by so-called minorities. Even while whites pay for glaringly-obvious, institutionalized racism against themselves, so-called minorities continue to perceive themselves as victims of institutionalized white racism.”

“How long must this continue? What percentage of white businesses should be allowed to exist? What percentage of the population should be allowed to be white?”

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  1. EinRand says:

    Substituting government decree in place of Market decisions (Private Individuals) only leads to racism. e.g. school admissions.

    In the end it harms the very people it was intended to help by allocating contracts based on gender or ethnicity instead of merit.

  2. JamesinUSA says:

    This is just blatant discrimination against the white worker and business.

  3. JamesinUSA says:

    It's bad enough that these people wish to engage in institutional discrimination against white people based on long past historical events such as slavery and or segregation here in the United States, but what has this have to do with giving preferences to Asians of the Indian Subcontinent? This isn't about trying to achieve a level playing field, as it is about leveling us!

  4. lewis winston birm says:

    Reverse discrimination must end!

  5. John H Maddox says:

    So, its actually come down to this. Be afraid be very afraid. When either New York, or California do something like this it ends becoming national policy somewhere down the line. Unless we as a people do something real quick we,re going to be a minority in our own country. The trouble is trying to convince other white people whats going on. Most people are too rapped up in this 'sensitivity' thing. If you say anything that goes against the current of racial cooperation or advancement its like a lighting bolt will suddenly streak out of heaven and strike them dead. Damnedest thing I've ever seen.

  6. Mike says:

    It is no longer "We The People". We're living under a dictatorship.

  7. SharonH says:

    This article and the qualifications as per the above link–unbelievable.

    Since when in this land of the free does the government have the right to dictate to businesses whom they can or cannot hire or award contracts to? What about their freedoms? It is Washington sticking its nose where it has no right to be.

    The other day, I saw a bumper sticker that said: "I love my country. I am ashamed of its government". How true.