Pennsylvania and New Jersey A3P Members Attend Labor Day Celebration

Members of the American Third Position party attended a Labor Day celebration on Sunday in Philadelphia, PA.

Since the event was hosted by a German cultural society, it was very well attended by an audience open to the A3P message.

A3P members celebrated with the other guests for the entire duration of the event and had ample opportunity to distribute our “American Jobs for American Workers” flyer.

The highly social atmosphere provided the opportunity for party members to discuss the issues in depth with the other guests, and they were receptive to the A3P position.

There were even several new party members that signed up on the spot, making this yet one more successful outing for the party in this region.

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  1. Lefto says:

    This warms the heart. I needed to see something like this to help raise my spirits and reduce my bitterness with the world today. I wish this fine group maximum success in its goals and cannot wait for it to become an actual third choice, the THIRD OPTION ON THE BALLOT NATIONWIDE.

  2. Edgardus de la Vega says:

    At first I had my doubts, but having seen the gradual inroads A3P has made into the North eastern States gives hope, and a crucial awakening for our people. This slow awakening will take North eastern whites out of their Marxist slumber, and resort (hopefully) to the new concerns for cultural preservation and financial health.

    Our perennial concerns should always be: our culture and freedom from debt.

  3. Brandon says:

    This is very good news to hear and I am very glad the American Third Position has been so successful so far and keep up the good work.