Whites Undesirable as Students in Ohio

Whites with comparable levels of academic achievement are 8 times less likely than blacks to be admitted to Ohio’s Miami University and 10 times less likely than blacks to be admitted to Ohio State University, according to a recently published report from the Center for Equal Opportunity.

The study analyzes two-year period admissions data for each school and finds that, where test scores and grades are similar, blacks are much preferred to whites, while Asians and Latinos are preferred over whites to a lesser extent.

Firing back in defense of his school’s admissions criteria, Dolan Evanovich, OSU vice president of admissions, pointed to the notion that, while whites are capable of doing well in areas that can be measured objectively, such as test scores and grades, blacks do strikingly better in other areas which cannot be measured with objectivity.

“We are interested in such things as the strength of the applicant’s high school, rigor of curriculum, the strength of their essay and their work experience,” said Evanovich, implying that blacks are admitted over whites with comparable achievement at such an incredible rate on merit alone.

Stressing that racial preference was not the cause of the disparity, or possibly as a stern warning to whites who might dare identity with their people, Evanovich added, “And race is an optional question on the application.”

Claire Wagner, who spoke on behalf of the Miami University admissions office, also denied that her university so strongly favored blacks over whites because of race.

While Miami, like OSU, attaches less weight to the importance of academic achievement in determining its student body, it places more weight on what Wagner describes as geographic, ideological, lifestyle, and socioeconomic diversity.

Whatever the case, whites remain highly undesirable as students at two Ohio universities.

Under an A3P government, public schools that discriminate on the basis of race would lose funding and cease to exist.

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