Official Anti-White Discrimination Reaches New High in Job Market

Anti-white discrimination in the job market has reached a new high with no less than 87 major American companies, 15 important government agencies, and 42 institutes of higher education preferring to advertise their vacancies on a “blacks only” job website.

The companies, government departments, schools, colleges, and universities seem unconcerned that their decision to advertise on the website, which bills itself as the “largest African American jobs and career network,” means that white people are directly excluded from seeing or applying for these jobs.

The website makes its racial purpose crystal clear in its “about us” section where it states that it is “an online career center for African Americans looking for jobs, and employers and recruiters looking to hire diverse talent. Although open to the public, the positions are specifically being marketed for minority candidates to fill.”

The Columbus, Ohio-based was even recently featured on CNN as a “great tool and resource for African Americans looking to be employed.”

The CNN report gushed that the site “allows jobseekers to easily find well-paying jobs from reputable companies and organizations, and also features paid and non-paid internship opportunities for students. At no cost, users can immediately create a profile, upload their resume, and start searching for jobs.”

The site was developed by the Connect Platform, which in turn was founded by William Moss of Moss Interactive, better known as the black activist behind HBCU Connect, which claims to be the “largest online social network for black college students and alumni.”

Partners of the Connect Platform include Dante Lee of Diversity City Media, which is also based in Columbus, Ohio. Lee is best known as the founder of and, as well as PR tools such as,, and, just in case anybody was in any doubt about the racial agenda.

While it is the good right of privately-owned companies to choose who they want to hire, the situation is less clear when it comes to government agencies and institutions of higher learning, many of which depend on taxpayer funds to keep operating.

Is it legal for the Central Intelligence Agency, for example, to advertise positions on a website only? More importantly, would they advertise on a website?

Would Kellogs be prepared to advertise on a website? Time Warner? Deloitte & Touche? Anheuser Busch? Fedex? AT&T? The Internal Revenue Service? The U.S. Department of State? Princeton University? The University of Kentucky? Sweetwater Union High School District?

The American Third Position hereby announces that it is looking at setting up a website.

After that, the list of advertisers on the website will be approached and asked, in the interests of fairness, to advertise their positions on the new website as well. Their reactions will be publicized in due course.

The full list of private companies which advertise on is as follows:

Time Warner; Novartis; Deloitte & Touche USA LLP; Kelloggs; State Farm; energy company Marathon; MarketAxess; Booz Allen Hamilton; Robert W. Baird & Co.; Public Affairs Group; Edelman; Bonneville Power Administration; Health Alliance; Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Rhode Island; Weyerhaeuser Company; Vanguard Group; Hewlett-Packard; WR Grace and Co.; Duke Realty Corporation; Allegis Group; Casey Family Programs; Cargill; Arrow Electronics; Nationwide Mutual Insurance; Rockwell Collins; Anheuser Busch; Nestle Purina; Edward Jones; Caremark Rx, Inc; Verizon Wireless; Lowes; Tenet Health; T-Mobile; Best Buy, Inc; Office Max; LexisNexis; Jefferson Wells; Cardinal Health; BAE Systems; A.G. Edwards; United Rentals; General Growth Properties; Shell; Federal Express; Starwood Hotels and Resorts; AT&T; Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center; Jack In The Box; PBS; BNSF Railway; PricewaterhouseCoopers; Nike; Sodexho; FM Global; Lilly and Company; PSEG; Allstate; Merrill Lynch; AIG; Qualcomm; Key Bank; Monsanto; The Depository Trust & Clearing Corporation; Interpublic Group; Sirius Radio; Coca Cola company; Ameriprise Financial; Chevron Corporation; Save-A-Lot; Continuum Health Partners; Mastercard; Ryder System, Inc.; TriHealth; Lee Moss Media; ADP; Pfizer; Denny’s; McGraw Hill; Philip Morris-First Advantage Ad Agency; Eckerd Youth Alternatives; General Dynamics; Raytheon; Bipartisan Policy Center; NextEra Energy, Inc.; Duff & Phelps; and the National Development Council.

The full list of government departments advertising on is as follows:

The United States Secret Service, Internal Revenue Service, United States Air Force, Tobyhanna Army Depot, Farm Credit Administration, City Year, HBCU CONNECT Employment Program, U.S. Department of State, The Defense Intelligence Agency, Newport News Police Department, Custom Border Patrol, U.S. Coast Guard, Central Intelligence Agency, City of NY Parks & Recreation, and the Peace Corps.

The full list of educational institutions advertising on is as follows:

Elgin Community College, Marygrove College, University of Tennessee at Chattanooga, Ithaca College, Lewis University, Western Illinois University, University Hospital/State University of New York (SUNY) Upstate Medical University, Marist College, St. Lawrence University, Madison Metropolitan School District, Worcester State College, Springfield Technical Community College, Penn State University, Nelson County Public Schools, Central State University, Springfield Technical Community College, Rochester Institute of Technology, Rantoul Township High School District 193, Princeton University, Medical University of South Carolina, Milton Hershey Schools, Sweetwater Union High School District, Coro New York Leadership Center, Asheville City Schools, Michigan State University, Frederick Community College, Oakton Community College, Austin Peay State University, Auburn University, Savannah College of Art and Design, University of Kentucky, College of Lake County, St. Francis College, Boston College, Community College of Allegheny County, Community College of Philadelphia, Teach Memphis, Hunter College, UNC Asheville, Polk State College, and Assumption College.

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  1. American3P says:

    It is OK when other groups utilize “identity politics”. When whites do it “it is racist”.

    For a clear definition of “reverse discrimination” look up a glossary of EEO terms. White males (and females) are protected by the 1964 Civil Rights Act

  2. Love says:

    If I total up all of the discrimination complaints of every white person in the world it would still not compare to what African Americans have gone through. So what you can't get hired. Instead of blaming it on an entire race focus on how you can turn your situation around. I could not find a full time job for two years. I was working for 7 dollars an hour and I have a Masters degree. I did not blame my misfortunes on white, yellow or purple people. I kept at it and eventually found a great job. Websites such as does show some signs of racial discrimination and a majority of the post also are racist. They both take away from everything that Americans have worked extremely hard to develop, equality. I am sorry if you feel like your job is being given away because an employer is looking for diversity. However if you are down playing an entire race based on your hiring situation than you are doing the same exact thing as Why can’t we all work together to handle situations like these instead of always pointing the finger???

  3. ashamed to be white? says:

    I work for a bank called Key Bank. I am tired of watching other races getting attention and promotions which are completely unwarranted. I have watched individuals get promoted with poor work performance, few ethics and total disregard for the company, shareholders and clients. I am beyond disgusted . Myself and other coworkers, more qualified and committed are constantly passed over. I think I could sue. They like to be known as 1 of the top diverse companies. Give me a break.

  4. Bob Bichen says:

    No surprise that Nationwide Mutual, also of Columbus, is on this list. They started with a diversity program and appear to have migrated recently to requiring managers to adhere to an affirmative action program. Certainly you want to create a culture of fairness and inclusion but this is not the way to do it in my opinion.

  5. grendal says:

    I plan to boycott as many of these businesses and call and tell them why im doing so.

  6. JamesinUSA says:

    Let there be no mistake. Our government agencies, our military, and major industry, what little is left of it, is being purposely filled or rather infiltrated by those who are positioning themselves and their people in order to do our people great harm in the event of any serious opposition to their obvious plan of taking over our country.Most of these minorities in these positions have little knowledge of this plan of the Cultural Marxist ,but this really doesn't matter to the leftest leadership. All our enemy cares about, is that in the event of our resisting their Socialist and Marxist agenda, they can easily cause social unrest by simply taking off the restraints of these non-whites who hate us so and causing a great deal of social disruption by calling mass boycotts ,or by having the military and police forces take aggressive mesures against our people. All of these minority groups with their left-wing handlers know that they don't have sufficent numbers yet to completely destroy us, so they're very carefully positioning themselves in every level of society to keep us down.

  7. JamesinUSA says:

    I have followed the efforts of the Cultural Marxist to dispossess the white worker for years, but I have to admit ,that the scope of the blatant discrimination against our people has met new levels of intolerance. There should be no doubt to even the most ignorant of our people that there is a full-blown concerted effort on the part of this government and the major employers of this country to discriminate against white people. Most of the jobs being done by illegal immigrants today are especially suited for most blacks because of their lower rate of High School education and over all lack of skills,, and yet, because of Affirmative Action programs and other efforts to achieve ‘Diversity’, they are being allowed jobs that would normally go to better educated and skilled white workers. The liberals and minority groups are literally take over our country!

  8. no white guilt says:

    It would be interesting to see who is hiring only out of such parameters and hold them accountable and expose them,.. FOR BLATANT RACISM

  9. Crusader66 says:

    In the UK we have the same thing happening people with better qualifications being overlooked for their whiteness not only that but when it comes to redundancy they are discriminating against white people the Government here will also only award contracts to companies who can prove diversity another reason for companies discriminating.
    So we have all been betrayed.
    Quote:Cameron won’t make me a Minister… I’m a white, married, Home Counties Christian, says Tory MP

    Read more:

    • SharonH says:

      It is still worse in the UK, at least at present, but the US is rapidly catching up. It is hard not to be paranoid, but watching what is happening in these two countries certainly appears to point to a conspiracy to minimize the white population and make us outcasts in the very country we were born in.

      There seems to be one difference-I believe that in the UK more whites are aware of what is transpiring, simply because at present they are more affected by it. Look at how the British Government is giving concession after concession to these non-whites, including the ludicrous act of realigning toilets in prison so that the Muslim convicts would not have to turn their backs on Mecca! Or the serving of halal foods in schools. It's not that bad here–yet.

      That's why organizations such as American Third Position are so important in spreading the word about what is truly happening. At least, so far, they and others have the freedom of speech to do so. Look at the rough road the BNP has had to travel. So far, it is easier here to spread the truth–for now.

      • Crusader66 says:

        I do hope so Sharon I would not like to see America go down the road of marxism and Totalitarianism we are currently going down.Stop it now for tomorrow it will be too late.

  10. Joe says:

    Wow! I am just flabbergasted. It seems like we also have a legitimate class action case of reverse discrimination against these entities that offer jobs based on race; and moreover, perhaps mobilize NAAWP and other organizations to file suit. It’s bad enough that millions of whites are laid off, so why not rub their faces into their plight? If it were the other way around, we would have ADL, NAACP, SPLC, La Raza, and other raced based organizations up in arms. Where are our arms? Thanks to A3P’s dedication and research work, we are beginning to see a faint glimpse of an ugly night that awaits us.

  11. SharonH says:

    My husband is an LPN with more experience than most of his supervisors and is a Veteran of the Air Force. He has not been able to find a full-time job in 2 1/2 years. Even working per diem as an agency nurse, he either never hears from employers again or is given 1-2 days a week. A large majority of staff, esp. at state institutions, is black. They have put blacks into top admin positions that they are hardly capable of handling. In fact, at one place a West African immigrant whose English is hard to understand is a Director of Nurses–at a Veterans facility!

    I could go on about the discrimination he has gone through on jobs (most unprovable) but suffice it to say as a white male with loads of experience he cannot get hired. We will soon be forced into low-income housing, with all its "perks" if things don't change soon. Everyone is stumbling over one another to hire minorities, even importing nurses from the Philippines.

    Sorry for the rant but I thought I would give an account of what it is like to be a white male in the job market today and how it feels to see that there is a website like the one above. It will be interesting to see the reaction to a website.

  12. American3P says:

    A number of A3P activists have already volunteered to pursue a platform. We will hold these folks to account.