Renewed Immigrant Riots in L.A. Highlight Invasion Crisis in CA

Two solid days of rioting and attacks on police by growing mobs of immigrants on the streets of Los Angeles has highlighted the 2.9 million strong illegal immigration invasion of California.

Reports in Los Angeles media say that police have had to open fire with “non-lethal projectiles” at the ongoing rioting, sparked off after a Guatemalan “day laborer” (i.e. an itinerant illegal) named Manuel Jamines was shot dead after threatening passerby with a switchblade last Sunday.

According to reports, Los Angeles Police Chief Charlie Beck said the police officers had “made the best decision possible after Jamines repeatedly refused commands to drop the 6-inch knife.”

The usual response from the invading immigrant population to such an event is never to ask why the invader in question was threatening people with a knife, but rather to just riot once again.

Local TV stations captured images of the invaders throwing eggs, metal poles, rocks, bottles, and even rolling a burning dumpster at police.

Local ambulances were called out but the ferocity of the invaders’ violence was such that they dared not move past the police lines for fear of being attacked.

The riots centered on the heavily Central America immigrant-colonized neighborhood of MacArthur Park. At least four were arrested on suspicion of the misdemeanor of inciting a riot.

It is estimated that more than a quarter of the entire illegal immigrant population of America lives in California.

A Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR) report revealed that illegal immigration costs California at least $10.5 billion per year to provide service for the fast growing, low-income segment of its population.

The $10.5 billion figure is calculated out of costs related to the education, health care and incarceration of illegal aliens.

Among the key finding of the report is that the state’s already struggling K-12 education system spends approximately $7.7 billion a year to school the children of illegal aliens who now constitute more than 15 percent of the student body.

Another $1.4 billion of the taxpayers’ money goes toward providing health care to illegal aliens and their families, the same amount that is spent incarcerating illegal alien criminals.

The American Third Position is the only political party in America that is genuinely committed to rooting out illegal immigration once and for all.

The party is working assiduously at getting onto the ballot in as many states as possible, and intends to offer the American people a real political alternative for the first time.

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  1. paul says:

    we as Americans MUST cut welfare and all other aid for immigrants.We pay taxes and they dont.Its sad to see hardworking Americans losing there homes and or jobs and being denied assistance while these immigrants reap the benifits of our system while doing illegal things on the side for money.

  2. kari says:

    This rioting has nothing to do with upset over the man shot, it is all about racial power. These rioters don't care what the man shot did or his guilt, they are rioting against an American or Whites enacting OUR laws on them. Had he been shot by a fellow Guatamalan, they wouldn't care.

  3. ehun says:

    There are 30 million illegals in the USA. The 15 million figure was invented by the
    Democrats and was being quoted in 1995..15 years ago..and millions of new
    illegals ago. Of course Obama and the Dems know the true number..and are
    counting on every new vote when they get their amnesty rammed down out throats.
    Votes in return for welfare benefits ..and the white middle class taxpayers, as gullible as ever,
    are going to pay for it all.

  4. Ioan Dirina says:

    Our country is being invaded and this is the end of white America ! This time the enemy is already inside the gate !

    P.S.Please visit and read following pages which are devoted to public policy matters: 73,144,193,157,139 meant to warn readers that it's time for a third political party to come to power in America.
    With anticipated thanks,Ioan Dirina,author

  5. Julie says:

    I think the Police acted responsibly good for them!ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION IS ILLEGAL too bad the polticians don't realize this.Illegal aliens come over here beat,rape, rob and even worse murder lawful citizens it is about time we take our country back. I wish I could shake the hands of all the Officers involved God Bless you all!