Is This the Future of America? Bankrupt 79% Nonwhite Fort Lauderdale Loses Essential Services

Americans who are concerned about the future of our country would do well to study the collapse of Fort Lauderdale, Florida, which is now at least 79 percent nonwhite and is unable to pay for basic services such as policing.

According to the 2000 census, 67.74 percent of Fort Lauderdale’s population was black, 21.2 percent “white” and the rest a mix of Hispanic, Pacific Islander, and others.

Lauderdale Lakes has a high percentage of West Indian-born population, who are not considered as”African-American.” In 2000, there were 10,078 people, or 36.3 percent of the city’s population, who were born in the West Indies.

Over half of those, 5,312 people, reported Jamaica as their place of birth, accounting for 16.75 percent of the city’s population. Another 3,543 people, 11.17 percent, were born in Haiti.

The effect of this massive importation of Third World immigrants, and their Third World poverty, has been marked.

According to a report in the South Florida Sun Sentinel, which serves Broward, Palm Beach, and Miami and Dade County, the Broward Sheriff’s Office (BSO) has been forced to drastically cut services to Lauderdale Lakes because the city has fallen some $6 million behind in its monthly payments.

I have an obligation to the taxpayers of Broward County to ensure that services are provided based on allocated funding,” Sheriff Al Lamberti was quoted as writing in a Nov. 5 e-mail which notified the city leaders of the pending change.

Nine sergeants and deputies will be transferred from Lauderdale Lakes to other BSO-served cities and the city will also lose the use of a ladder fire truck and 12 firefighters.

“We have no choice but to scale back services to the residents of Lauderdale Lakes,” Lamberti said.

Fort Lauderdale is a microcosm of what is happening all across Florida. The racial demographics of the city outlined above are, of course, over ten years out of date.

The white population is likely to have shrunk even more over the past decade, in line with the general percentage reduction in that state.

According to the 2000 census, 82.45 percent of Florida’s population was classified as white. A 2005 census estimate put that figure at 63.1 percent white, a dramatic 20 percent collapse in just 5 years.

The Fort Lauderdale case study, when compared to the California state bankruptcy, provides irrefutable evidence that Third World immigration destroys the economy, and does not “build it up” as liberals continually allege.

The American Third Position exists to inform and motivate white Americans to stand up and resist the destruction of their nation. Will you play your part by joining us today, before it is too late?

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  1. Shamus says:

    According to the 2000 census, 82.45 percent of Florida’s population was classified as white. A 2005 census estimate put that figure at 63.1 percent white, a dramatic 20 percent collapse in just 5 years.

    You’re comparing the “white” Census estimate from 2000 with the “non-hispanic white” estimate from 2005. White includes hispanics, which is why the 2000 percentage is so high.

    The Census numbers for non-hispanic whites in Florida are 65.4% in 2000 and 57.9% in 2010.

  2. Paul Hausser says:

    I work in construction in South Florida and went to a pre-bid meeting at the Delray Beach Middle School(middle of Broward County). Now mind you I had been living on the West Coast for the last ten years and just moved over to Pembroke Pines.

    So I park the car and start walking torwards the school and to my complete and total schock I actually thought I was at a private religious school for blacks. The entire I mean entire "public' school was black!!

    The kids literally looked at me like I was an alien who just landed in a spaceship. Needless to say I did not get the job.

    It went to a certified "minority owned business" contractor!

  3. JamesinUSA says:

    One of the main objectives of the liberal left in this country has been to reduce our people to minority status, effectively destroying our ability to resist ,while simutaneously weakening our political, social, and economic influence thus leaving us powerless to have any meaningful input into the direction and destiny of our PEOPLE AND COUNTRY!

    Must we have this in BLACK and WHITE and damned NOTERIZED before our people will wake-up to what's happening to them! Must the proverbial Hammer hit them over the head before they begin to GET IT!

    Folks, there is not going to be a smoking gun written in Hebrew found in the Library of Congress spelling all of this out for you, but then again, there's really no need. All you need do is stop , pull your head out of your Blackberry for a minute and look around.!