A3P 2010: The Year in Action

An A3P member proffers an "American Jobs for American Workers" flyer to attendees of Scots Fest 2010

The past year was filled with activity for members of the American Third Position. From cultural fairs to Tea Parties, beaches to city streets, A3P members carried our message of Liberty, Sovereignty, and Identity to the American people.

The American Third Position will mark its first anniversary on January 4 with a “State of the A3P 2011″ radio address by the A3P Board of Directors.  Watch this space for details.

In the meantime, peruse the following links and enjoy these inspiring stories of outreach and networking by everyday Americans who are determined to preserve our nation.

A3P Launch Marked by Tabletop Outreach

So Cal A3P Goes Door-to-Door

So Cal A3P Takes Info Booth to San Clemente

So Cal Team Inspires San Clemente

So Cal A3P Repel Attack by Immigrant Gang

So Cal A3P Revisit San Clemente, Leave in Triumph

A3P Activists Join Tax Protests Across the Nation

A3P Gets Crafty in Missouri

A3P Celebrates Scottish Heritage

A3P So Cal Team Reaches Out to Santa Monica

A3P Northeast Networks at Summer Tea Party and Euro-fest

A3P Inaugural Conference A Smashing Success

New Jersey and Pennsylvania A3P Members Attend Musikfest

European American Heritage Celebration a Success!

A3P Inaugural Conference Video Release

Pennsylvania and New Jersey A3P Members Host Paul Fromm and Louis March

A3P So Cal Reaches out to Huntington Beach

Pennsylvania and New Jersey A3P Members Attend Labor Day Celebration

A3P’s Message Delivered to Thousands at Bethlehem Celtic Fest

So Cal A3P Welcomes New Members to the Team

American Third Position Welcomed at NJ Greek Festival 2010

Enthusiastic Reception of A3P Activists at Scranton Tea Party

A3P So Cal Goes Door to Door

Wilkes-Barre A3P Exposes the Racism and Hypocrisy of the NAACP

A3P Gives Presentation to Council of Conservative Citizens

Chairman Joins So Cal Team for Outreach

Northeast A3P Starts Coordinating Members in the Region

A3P Activists Campaign for Harry Bertram

Chairman’s Message: A3P Leadership Lobbies 2012 Presidential Candidates

A “Modest But Promising Start” for AZ A3P

So Cal A3P Wins Over Seal Beach

A3P So Cal Revisits Huntington Beach

NY/NJ Metro Chapter Holds Another Successful Meeting

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  1. Fierce says:

    Onwards and upwards!

  2. Crusader66 says:

    All the best for 2011 keep up the good work onwards and upwards.